Monetize Your Network

For many locations, providing high speed Internet access is an operational cost. InnSite® offers 3 primary methods to monetize your Internet access and turn cost into profit.




Social Media, Email and SMS

Grant faster access to users who use social media or provide their email address or phone number, then leverage that information to tell them (and their followers or friends) about promotions and deals your company is offering.


  • Integrate with social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Capture and use email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Configurable from within InnSite®
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Charge For Access

Power users require a faster connection to the Internet and are willing to pay for upgraded access. InnSite® provides the ability to charge for access and connection upgrades.


  • Easily configure free or paid access
  • Offer multiple upgrades for faster access
  • Seamless integration with InnSite® CMS



Targeted Advertising

Draw revenue through InnSite®'s strategic, targeted advertising to business travelers, mobile professionals, mobile workers and other Internet savvy people that use your network.


  • Customize your login page through promotions, advertising and regional information
  • Enable and configure a 5-10 second transport page with hotspot advertising while your customer is connecting



Search Monetization

Search is central to how people use the Internet and is a featured service in the InnSite® user login experience. Customers searching for and purchasing products create revenue for search providers.


  • When using InnSite® CMS, search is automatically available to all users
  • Customers enjoy a convenient way to search the Internet.


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