Manage Your Network

InnSite® combines many tools into one application to make your job as a Network Administrator much easier.




Customizable Login Experience

InnSite®'s powerful and flexible content management system is what powers the guest login and portal splash pages.  With built-in inheritance and templates, you can push a single change to hundreds of hotspots, or change a single welcome paragraph on a single location.


  • Smarty based template logic
  • Template inheritance
  • Unlimited "Custom Field" flexibility
  • Comprehensive permissions system



Flexible Access Codes

Powered by an enterprise grade Steel Belted RADIUS server, InnSite®'s authentication management system makes managing users a breeze.  Whether you want Username & Password combinations, or single pins/access codes, InnSite® will fit your authentication model.

With InnSite®, you can generate access codes for access or use the built in shopping cart and charge for access via Credit Card, or use any combination thereof.


  • Usernames & Passwords
  • Single access codes
  • Batch code creation
  • Powerful scheduler for automatic code generation
  • Charge for access



Easy Network Management

InnSite® quickly becomes your comprehensive knowledgebase and management console for your entire network.  With customizable device and equipment types, you can store and track the data that is relevant to you.

Upload and save switch configurations, track access point placements, and monitor device statuses from a single database.


  • Device custom fields
  • Device templates
  • Knowledgebase
  • API access for device details


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