Monitor Your Network

It's important to know the status of your network equipment and InnSite®'s integrated network equipment monitoring gives you the big picture.




Be In The Know

InnSite®'s network monitoring provides the ability to quickly locate outage sources and problematic equipment with its monitoring service.


  • View current network equipment status
  • Browse historic performance
  • Get notified immediately when a problem is detected



Convenient, Integrated Setup

With network equipment monitoring integrated within InnSite®, setting up and keeping tabs on your network is convenient and easy.


  • Enable and configure monitoring while adding equipment
  • Add and remove monitors with ease
  • Automatic import of commonly used monitors



Lower Costs, Increase Satisfaction

Being proactive instead of reactive about network problems both lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Minimizing a network outage results in less customer calls to technical support
  • Customers enjoy an operational and fast network. Customer satisfaction means loyalty.






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