The Load Balancing Router – IRG-1000

November 4th, 2011

The Load Balancing Router – IRG-1000

Importance of Load Balancing

The IRG-1000 supports multiple ISP connections and balances traffic equally over the connections. This effectively provides your network with more bandwidth and faster, more reliable Internet access. Without a load balancing router, all traffic is funneled through a single connection, which can cause a bottleneck, slowing down connection speeds and causing connectivity issues.

For businesses that have customers connect to their Wi-Fi, having a fast and reliable Internet connection can be imperative to customer loyalty. Suppose a busy coffee shop has 20 people using their provided Internet service without a load balancing router and a single 5Mbps ISP connection. 20 people sharing a single 5 Mbps connection at the same time will result in a slow and frustrating experience, even for just checking email or Facebook. Using a load balancing gateway or router with redundant ISP connections would provide a fast and stable online experience to customers.

Benefits of the IRG-1000 Router

Beyond load balancing, the IRG-1000 offers other benefits including very low cost, redundancy as well as firewall and gateway capabilities. It is specifically engineered to be an all-in-one solution for your business. The router can effectively become three devices in one, eliminating extra equipment costs.

  • Replace the gateway with the IRG-1000, which connects directly to ISP connections
  • Eliminates the need for a separate firewall device by providing built-in firewall capabilities
  • Provide connectivity redundancy through automatic failover in the event of ISP connection failure

Compared to other load balancing routers, the IRG-1000 is the lowest cost, high quality solution available. While other units are typically available at around $3000, we provide the IRG-1000 hardware completely free of charge less a baisc installation fee and a low monthly service agreement. Network load balancing is no longer restricted to large corporations with deep pockets. Smaller shops and medium size businesses can also enjoy the benefits of a load balancing gateway that the IRG-1000 has to offer.

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