Social Media, Email and SMS

Providing upgraded access to the internet by having customers log in through social media or opting in to promotion notifications and specials is a great way to get the word out and increase loyalty.




Social Media

Our solutions are an excellent method for businesses to draw more revenue by having existing customers talk about them and tell others about their products/services through Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. Friends and followers of your customers will see when the location is Liked, Tweeted and Checked In.

Customers who Like or Follow businesses will receive any updates that are posted on Facebook or Twitter, which could increase business and loyalty.


  • Let your customers get the word out about your business
  • Draw business by telling people that follow your company about promotions and deals



Email address & Cell number

Customers can also use their email address or cell phone number to gain upgraded internet access. By providing this information, customers are opting in to receive promotions and deals from your company. Use the list of email addresses and phone numbers from previous customers to draw in repeat traffic. 


  • Send updates about your products/services
  • Notify customers of new promotions and deals
  • Draw more people to your location




People can also choose to upgrade their internet access by taking a survey. Surveys can provide an in-depth perspective of customers for your location and can help indicate improvement opportunities. Improvements that are made can improve quality of service and drive more business.


  • Surveys can be completely customized
  • Integrates seamlessly with login pages
  • Reveals opportunities for improvement
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